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by TrYangle

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Bucky Damn, this is some wicked shit! It has a brooding progressive edge that I can’t get over. The vocals are intriguing with a twisted melody and a grinding fuzz leaving you in awe as to what’s coming next. For those looking for something fresh here’s your chance! Well done guys.
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WeirdoSativo Howlin´ brands you as a wolf.
Grows - to end ecclectiastical.
Klasse. Favorite track: Howlin'.
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Howlin' 08:40
Gone When all is precious, when all you feel inside is in a shrine Sweet Baby don’t now, there’s nothing left for us, lid and grey Done And we’re moving on, fingers crawling for a sum Free Gauge for age, some might say that we’re meant apart Howlin’ me your satellite Howlin’ me your set of lights Howlin’ me ‘till we’re gone, along with ashes Back from where it all began The wind is coming/going Lone My love is here now, all you feel inside is just your mind Free, Lawless me, know my boundaries’ fee Crying out for lashes, all you’re saying’s pouring down the surface Howlin’ me your small time cigarette burns Howlin’ me Allen him Allen him
The Dire 04:38
And we’re not having this conversation Some shed skin Is stalking me True love aside No friend tonight The dire he made contacts yesterday He’s preaching life and lust in all the songs we always play The dire he is lonely as always His mind secludes him in his sanity’s cracking Whorehouses Silhouettes Brothels Needing his friends it’s turning him in Beware the light (not this one) Crawl under fright A swollen lie
Move 05:05
Dwelling in the lonely road Because I like it And it will be a long time Longing by my side This lonely road Longing by Longing for my side Loving all your lies Nice piece of advice Advice: well you might as well move on Rocking hard this load Because I feel like And it’s gonna be a long time Unbounded by shame Raise my flame Shut and blame Love my brain Say my name, soul Home So I sing
No 11 04:22
Something’s missing It’s mistaken Can’t be missing And how you feel inside There is no reason, just hide Glowing in the limousine Home Cold light blind sight And how it’s thinking glowing out tonight There’s no cold light just silly choruses, and no blind sight in melodies like
The light is fine Just change your mind And let the blind lead the blind The hords of time so divine Well not divine, more like blind Well nein is nein, it’s just a line It is a rhyme, just for fine ‘Cause fun is fine, nun is nine? A crack of tine, beer coke and shine Roger this All night long Walking that lakeside, he’s so frustrated Crack the code, know that he’s all in hiding Bold and out Over and out Barefooted in sand enola gayin’ Cast out by the forces always shining AH he’s walking on air AH
Get a grip man, noosphere is noone’s land And you’re not that powerful at all dead Loving all along, tripping on fading horns When the feeling’s like colours empty Crying for blow, snapping on power Fords When the feeling’s like NY city misty A grinding throne gathers no moss Eyes at none, ripping all firey ground When the feeling’s like turning feisty Cold lawn
My Home 05:38
Driving ‘round and ‘round In my topless car Where those blinds Can’t work them Can’t figure them Can’t sort’em out Keep cutting the light Gotta fold my clothes Put’em to wash Keep staring at the blinds Certainly remember the venetian blinds It’s all in the air Nowhere is called my home But you My home Is you
All 04:46
Slipping through the firecracks The eye on your mind Secrets well known Mansions are overblown Invitations for the guests Don’t forget there’s a pass Nevermind if it’s incest What we want is MK test All is not all Horses on snow They know what they know Riding them on The baroness’ lawn All
Blood-hatred 05:29
Waited at the station he just waited for his time home lair awaited but he was so far in hiding Regreting retirement at fifty five way soon and then he sat and hunted lone in bushes Waited at the station he just waited for his time home lair awaited but there’s nothing left for him except blood sipped in through their flesh and bone Victims’ stench he’s curious Standing by the lake’s shore Kill for meat could take some time Drifting far from his eagle’s nest Fading out away He was just a victim as well snakes won rattled their wands played chess with him as a pawn and left him on his own Blah blah blah blood sipped in through their flesh and bone Victims’ reek he’s curious Victims’ smell he’s curious AH
I.e. 03:36
Landslide 07:35
I and eye, psychosphere inlay You and Y, it’s easier the stay so far away from home Home Love and lie, conflict over time Love and lie, conflict over time and so far away from home Come landslide, when one feels like climbing away Necessary landslide, when one feels like climbing away, when home is nowhere Reverse delay, blah blah blah in a tray I from lucid eye, getting away So far away from home Necessary landslide, when one feels like climbing away, when home is nowhere at all


released January 1, 2019

Music written by TrYangle.
Lyrics written by Gonçalo da Silva Nova.
Produced and mixed by TrYangle and Filipe Louro.
Recorded and engineered by Filipe Louro.
Mastered by Miguel Marques at Arda.
Graphic design by Telmo Sá.


all rights reserved



TrYangle London, UK

Gonçalo da Silva Nova: vocals, guitars
Nuno Maio: basses
Ricardo Maio Castro: drums

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